🌹🌹👉 Live Your Life By Your Own Design 👈🌹🌹


My cocoa season has come.
I can marry a couple more wives
And get a lawyer to sue some fool
I will get a brand new 4 by 4
And head off to Volta Hall tonight.

My cocoa season has come
They had better make me chief
Of this village and the next.
My kente can wipe the floor
Yaa Baby will wash it for me.

My cocoa season has come
And even if it goes again
Everybody will remember
How I enjoyed life
When my cocoa season came.

🌹👉 Photo By Quartz Photography
🌹🌹👉 Poem by Nana Kofi Acquah @africashowboy (Copyright: 2015). (If you don’t understand this statement, ask a Ghanaian).


Face 2 Face


Life is about value conflicts. That means sometimes you can’t honour two values at the same time. 
Life has thrown soo many battles at me, however I still remain true to my self of being an original Phoenix. 

I am just 19 amd i already started my own organization aimed at making a positive impact for the youth in Ghana. 

🔱🏆👉 I make hardwork look so cool.  People don’t know the stress & struggles behind closed doors. I am enjoying every bit of this journey. 
I’ve learned the value of experince , though iam sometimes a confused person. I am now thankful for things I never imagined I could be.

If it wasn’t for PAIN &  if it wasn’t for the good things failing, I wouldn’t know what was needed to set the foundation for something GREAT.  I have  learned the power of acceptance through my disappointments. Every letdown has left me in a position to GROW and I am wiser because of it all. I know
I have a good heart proud of my HEART & am sometimes a confused person.  Step by step I am finding my power of Purpose One person can make a difference, and everyone should try regardless of the circumstances / environment you find yourself.

I came face to Face with my self to see the light and true reflection of me. 

I am very proud of my. Self. 


UnApologetic Rise To Ashes – Part 1


The Phoenix Got Revamped. 

The day I took this picture,I decided I wasn’t going to be a failure.  I went for a haircut and  then walked to the photo studio. Since that day my journey started unfolding.

Walking away from my biggest life rejection ( In SouthAfrica ) ,  i really needed time to re-allign my self in life and focus on my real  life goals.  Constance Swaniker who hosted me for 5 days but told me the hard truth about life.  She helped me get into the right state of mind.
To be continued Tomorrow……

Happiness The In The Realest Way


We struggle mostly, coming to terms with the fact that happiness; does not depend on what happens outside but on what happens from the inside.

Embrace this facts and let them guard you, as far as your strive towards happiness is concerned;

Give, never allow yourself to be used; love, don’t allow your heart being abused; trust, don’t be naive; listen, but don’t loose your voice; hope, be diligent not dependent.

Take every disappointment as an opportunity to reach a better option, find joy in every simple thing, see beauty in every situation, expect nothing from nobody, accept that some people will be around to drain you, have patience in all things, but first of all with yourself and finally give with caution, whatever you expect to receive.

Stay happy and peaceful always, knowing that happiness starts with you.

Courage the realist

Nii thanks for sharing with me. 

UnApologetic Rise from Ashes – Part 2


This 2nd Chapter is entitled –   Finding who I really am.

I needed to breakthrough from the pain , the pain of many childhoood failures.  Pain of continuous mental abuse by my parents ( Especially my Dad ). Parents destroy their kids when we are involved in the whole caos of foolish marriage problems.-  When a partner acts so immature & like a kid. It’s that point in time were I felt I was part of the marriage. Not as a son but as the 3rd marriage Partner.  It’s Piontless explaining my wonderful & double faced horrible Childhood. 

It took deep reflections to find my true self. Am still learning to live with the real Gordon.

Email me at my dedicated blog email address –  gordonphoenix.gh@gmail.com  if you want to read the rest of Part 2.

The content is too deep for public consumption ♡♥

Raw unedited post.  ( reflects my writing skills because I want to improve ) I shall be a best selling Author one day.  I need to reference my writing skills growth )

UnApologetic Rise From Ashes – Part 3


This last Part is entitled  – Design Your Success Story UnApologetically.

It was about around 4pm on 20th November 2013 at the African leadership Academy -DeanB’s Office. GordonPhoenix often pondered why he returned to the office so regularly, but this time I really knew the agenda of this meeting.

I had spent about 1 week putting together an email which was sent a day before this meeting.

Before then: On my birthday which was on the 8th of November( That day was hell because I was in my 2nd final ever ALA DC meeting ) Officially the 2nd worst day of my life. Can you imagine on my 18th Birthday oh 😪😪😪😱 . I shall never forget.

Back to DeanB’s Office. …………..

At this point am crying whilst writing this blog post because it brings so much memories.

To be continued.